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High-Quality Furniture vs Cheap Furniture: Which one should I buy?

When it comes to buying furniture, it is a hard to decide whether to buy cheap furniture that will last only a couple of years, or to invest in furniture that will last 20 years. Here are the reasons you should invest in high-quality furniture for your school:

Less Spending

If every 4 years, you spend £200 on a new bed, after 20 years, you will have spent £1000, but if you spend £600 on a bed that will last at least 20 years, you have saved £400 long-term.

In the short-term, the cheaper furniture may seem like a better option, but long-term you will wish that you had invested in the higher quality piece.

Saves time

Planning a boarding project can take a lot of time and resources out of your school's budget, therefore by investing in high-quality furniture from the beginning, it can help reduce this.

Would you rather spend more time and resources planning a project that was finished 4 years prior, or not have to think about it for another 20 years?

It also means more money can be spent on improving other areas of education and the school.


High-quality furniture is made to last. It is built to withstand the rigours of boarding life and general wear and tear. If the furniture is looked after correctly, it can look as good as new, until the day you decide to replace.

Cheap furniture is not built to last, it doesn't have the strength to last a lifetime. A slight knock or mishandle can permanently damage it. Parts will constantly need replacing or the item will be left looking untidy.

How can we support you?

At Castles UK, we take pride in being able to offer high-quality furniture at the best price possible. Unlike our competitors, who have reduced the quality, to be able to lower the price, we have found a solution to maintain our high-quality, whilst offering it at a lower cost.

We will help you choose the best boarding furniture for your accommodation, ensuring it is a colour and design, that you will still be happy after 20 years.

Contact us today at

Blue bedroom - light grey and maple furniture

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