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Framed pinboard covered with a fabric colour of your choice. Our pinboards include fitted mounting plates in a finish of your choice. Sample swatches are available and bespoke sizes are also available on request.

Standard dimensions:

850mm x 650mm x 18

1200mm x 700mm x 18

Coloured Edging


Mirrors are available in a range of sizes and can be designed to fit any of our wardrobes. Our product is safety backed with polished edges to meet health and safety requirements. 

Standard dimensions:

400mm x 400mm

900mm x 300mm 



Why not add chairs to your desks to complete your room. We supply a range of chairs for a diverse range of environments including the Postura+ and the Taurus chair. We can assist you with colour matching. 

Taurus Chairs
Postura+ EN4 12 Stack

Bespoke Shelving

We can create you a bespoke shelf unit in accordance with your requirements. Shelving units can be fitted with castors or wall mounted and can be customised with coloured edging. 

Bespoke Bookshelf
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