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If you are interested in receiving a quote, there are a few ways of contacting us. You can phone, email or fill in the online form. We aim to send a quote across within 2 days of your request, but depending on products, it may take a little longer.

How do I get a quote?


All orders have the opportunity for a free planning and design service. We will come to the establishment, to measure the area, ensuring the drawing can be accurate. It helps to see how we can use the space efficiently.

Can I have a plan of what the room will look like before purchasing?

Delivery Cost

Delivery charges are dependent on the size and location of order. It will always be kept as low as possible. We often have shared deliveries for longer trips, to lower the cost further. 

What is the delivery cost?

Lead Times

We try to work to a minimum of a 2-week lead time, but this can vary, especially during school holidays, where lead times may be longer.  All orders will be given a more precise date at the time of order.  

What is the lead times?


Whilst offering our standard range, we also offer bespoke furniture. We can make anything, whether it is to match existing furniture or an idea you'd like to bring to life.

Do you offer bespoke furniture?


All furniture can be portered and fitted, for an extra cost. The cost of this depends on the size of the order, and how many people will be needed for fitting. 

Do you offer a portering and fitting service?


During working hours, we will have someone monitoring the website all day. This is a good way to contact as you can get an immediate response.

Can I chat to someone through the website?


All furniture comes with a 10-year warranty.

Is there any warranties with the furniture?

On-Site Visits

If you would prefer to discuss a project in person, we are always more than happy to arrange this at a time most suitable for you. If you would prefer to come to our office in York, we can also arrange this too.

Can we discuss face-to-face?

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