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Manufacturing in Thailand

In 2023, as a result of Castles UK opening a new company in Thailand, we are now able to offer a 20% discount on all furniture from our Thai product range, with the same high-quality.


We have made this commercial change to benefit you, our customers. With the cost of living crisis and high energy costs, recent years have been turbulent for us all, with more uncertainty to come. We want to help provide stability, in your lives, with a company you know you can trust.


As part of our Thai product range, we can offer further flexibility on colours and finishes, whilst being able to offer the majority of our UK product range, with a 20% discount, when sourced from Thailand. All furniture continues to be programmed and assembled in our UK factory, based in York, helping to ensure we maintain our high-standards.


Whilst our competitors have reduced the quality to be able to lower the price, we have found a solution where we can maintain our high-quality whilst lowering the price.


This is a change we are excited for and we look forward to sharing the benefits with everyone.

4 Benefits for YOU

Thai Factory
Thai Factory

Ways we are sustainable in Thailand

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