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CRIB 5: What is it and why do I need it?

CRIB 5, which is also known as SOURCE 5, relates to the fire regulations that furniture, including material beds and mattresses, are required to pass.

While the tests do not ensure that the material is fireproof, it ensures they are fire retardant, meaning they are safe for use, if a fire breaks out.

Whilst this is not a legal requirement for everyone, certain establishments must have CRIB 5 mattresses and beds, these include:

  • Hotels

  • Care Homes

  • Student Accommodation

  • Outdoor Education Centres

  • Youth Hostels

  • Guest Houses

It is vital that these regulations are followed, as not only does it help to keep everyone safe, but the UK law states that it is an offence, to not follow these regulations.

Stack of Mattresses

What is the difference between CRIB 5 and CRIB 7?

Now you may of also have heard of something called CRIB 7. This is when the material has been exposed to a more intense flame, than the flame used in the CRIB 5 test. CRIB 7 is required in very high risk environments, including prisons.

Some companies, may offer items with both CRIB 5 and CRIB 7 in a single product, this means that both tests have been passed.

Do we offer CRIB 5?

At Castles UK, all of our mattresses are made to the CRIB 5 standard, meaning they are suitable for all schools, outdoor centres and YMCA's. We can also offer a range of bedding, which is CRIB 5 compliant.

If you are unsure whether you need CRIB 5, we would always advice to get it, as it could help save lives.

For more information regarding the UK's Fire Regulations, please click the link below:

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