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Must-Have Furniture Pieces for Creating the Ultimate Bedroom Sanctuary

When it comes to planning a boarding refurbishment, it can be difficult to consider everything a student might need to create a home away from home. Here are our must-have furniture pieces to create a bedroom sanctuary for your students:

Storage Bed

By providing students with the space to keep their belongings tidy and in one place, it helps to keep the rooms organised and mess free. With some rooms having up to six students in one room, it becomes vital that each student has space to store their personal belongings, allowing all students to feel stress-free.

A storage bed can do the maximum, whilst taking up minimum space. It can have a storage headboard or a shoe unit at the end, adding to the amount of storage space available. It really is the perfect way to keep the rooms looking organised.

Storage Bed at Wrekin College with Storage Headboard


It is important for students to have an area, where they feel as though they can concentrate on their studies, without disruption. It can also double up as an area to get ready or practice their hobbies. It is a space they can call their own.

Desk at Wrekin College


By having a pinboard for each student, it allows them to make their area feel more like home. It gives them the opportunity to have pictures of friends and family, display posters or anything else they wish to, without damaging the interior. This can be vital to them feeling safe and secure, by having a little bit of home with them.

With lots of different colours available, it can also add a pop of colour to the room.

If the amount of wall space is limited, why not have a shared pinboard for the room? Students can add group photos and share achievements with each other, helping the room to feel more connected.

Personalised Pinboard at Wrekin College

The key to making the accommodation feel like a home, is giving each individual their own space to be themselves. Whether this is having enough space to have all of their belongings with them or having a picture of their family dog next to the bed, they can all help students feel relaxed and at ease in their boarding school.

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