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Do your student boarders have too many shoes?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Are your students plagued by this problem?

Envisage this: you play football, cricket, rugby and golf and you have a pair of trainers designed for each sport. While these shoes carry you to success, you frequently forget to look after them, and they end up getting thrown into a cupboard, or to your houseparents' dismay, on the floor.

So, where do you keep all of your shoes while at boarding school?

At Castles UK, we have a solution! We can create you a bespoke bed that has integrated shoe storage for a no mess, no fuss solution. We can provide students with dedicated shoe storage that will work wonders to keep them hidden away and in superb condition.

Get in touch today on 01423 359624 or email us at for your personalised, bespoke solution!

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