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Refresh Your Space: 3 Tips for a Stylish Accommodation Makeover

Updated: Feb 28

Is your accommodation in need of an update, but you don't want it to date quickly? Here are 3 ways to refresh your accommodation and keep it looking clean and fresh:

Colour Scheme

A key way to keeping your accommodation looking fresh and tidy is by choosing colours that won't go out-of-style. By choosing neutral walls and furniture colours, it allows the room to feel spacious and clean, whilst never looking out-dated. The amount of natural light in the room should be considered when planning colour schemes, as certain shades can make a space feel more enclosed.

A pop of colour can be added through curtains and bedding, helping to bring individuality to the room. Colours we expect to see a lot of in 2024 are pinks, deep blues, bright oranges and light greens.

Colour trends of 2024 - dusty pink, ink blue, bright orange and light green

Keeping Furniture in the Best Condition

If parts of your furniture have experienced a bit of general wear and tear, and are in need of a bit of TLC, 2024 is the year to do this. By replacing necessary parts, it can keep the furniture looking as good as new and can also give you the opportunity to change it up a little bit, but on a budget.

Make it a sanctuary

A tidy space equals a tidy mind. By keeping a tidy environment, it helps to not only keep the room looking fresh, but it helps to promote positive mental health. By ensuring plenty of storage space in the accommodation, it allows everything to have a home. Set aside time each week to reset the accommodation, making sure it is clean and tidy, ready for a new week.

Boarding furniture at Windlesham House School

New Boarding Furniture at Windlesham House School

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