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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Furniture: Tips for Longevity and Durability

When investing in new furniture, you want to be certain that it will last many years. Here are 5 top tips for extending the life of your furniture:

Invest in High-Quality Material

By investing in high-quality furniture from the beginning, it provides certainty that it is built to last. Instead of purchasing furniture made from chipboard, invest in furniture made from MDF. MDF is a material that is stronger, due to its composition, and therefore can provide more stability and resistance.

Invest in Soft Close

We have all slammed our drawers or doors at some point, whether by accident or on purpose, however this can slowly damage the furniture. By investing in soft close, it eliminates this from happening. We may still try to slam the doors, but the hinge will prevent this from happening, slowing it down to a gentle close.

Treat it right

For your furniture to last, it is important you look after it. By cleaning with the right products and treating it well, your furniture will continue to look brand new.

If there are parts of your furniture that look untidy, due to general wear and tear, invest in replacement parts. This will keep it looking as good as new, without having to replace the full piece.


It is important to choose the right colours for your room. Consider things such as natural light and space, to help you choose a colour that will help to compliment the room. Also consider how you may feel about that colour in 5 years or 10 years? Will you be bored? Or will you still love it? Choose a colour that will last the test of time, without feeling like it has gone 'out of style.' Pick a colour that will be forever timeless, because the longer you love it, the better.


If your furniture supplier offers a long warranty for their furniture, it means that they believe in the quality of it. We all know and understand that sometimes things happen, which are out of anyone's control, but by having a warranty, you know your supplier trusts in their furniture and the products they sell to you.

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