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Understanding the Key Elements of the Boarding School National Minimum Standards

In 2022, new national minimum standards were introduced for boarding schools across the UK. These standards apply to all age groups of students under the age of 18, including any residential accommodation arranged for students. If those over 18 live with students who are under 18, these standards will apply.

Why do we have minimum standards?

These minimum standards are in place to ensure that all students are safe and secure in their accommodation, provided by the boarding school. It is vital all boarding schools, whether they are independent or state, meet these regulations.

What are the regulations surrounding boarding accommodation?

Below are the regulations that are in place:

  • Good quality sleeping accommodation for all boarders. It must be well organised, with necessary up to date risk assessments. To ensure privacy, you must consider sex, age and any special requirements.

  • Good quality living accommodation, including appropriate internet access, for private study and social purposes.

  • Sufficient toilet and washing facilities. It must have access to hot water and be accessible from the sleeping accommodation, with sex, age and any special requirements, taken into consideration.

  • Houses must be well lit, heated and ventilated. They must also be cleaned regularly.

  • Accommodation must be well furnished and be of a sufficient size for the number and age of the boarders.

  • Bedding must be warm, clean and comfortable.

  • Boarders can personalise their area with appropriate personal items if they wish.

How can we support you?

At Castles UK, we will always support you when providing the best boarding accommodation possible for your students. We will help plan and design the rooms, with the students at the heart of the process, ensuring it fits all their needs perfectly.

If you would like to discuss a potential project with us, please contact us at

Where can I read more?

To see all of the regulations in place for boarding schools, please click the link below:

Wrekin College Bedroom Layout

*All information sourced from GOV.UK (2022), Boarding Schools: National Minimum Standards. Available at: (Accessed date: 28th February 2024)

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