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5 reasons why you should consider leasing your school project

It is becoming increasingly common for schools to choose bespoke asset finance solutions for their projects. It not only enables them to spread the costs over time but it can also unlock powerful tax benefits too. You may already use leasing options for your technology, but why not use them for your furniture too?

What are the benefits of leasing?

Manage your budget

1) Make budgets work

Make investment decisions based on your requirements for school improvement and avoid being limited by stringent school budgets which might otherwise restrict what you can achieve.

2) Spread your payments over time

Your costs will be manageable, low and fixed for the duration of the agreement so there will be no hidden surprises or exposure should interest rates rise in the future. This will make your budgets more accurate and your payments will spread over time; you are simply paying for the facility as you use it.

Spread VAT

3) Total project funding

We can provide you with expertise to ensure that all of your costs, including fees, labour and delivery charges can be included in your facility. VAT can also be spread over time and you will not be required to pay the VAT in full upfront as you would with traditional capital expenditure.

4) Strategic solution

Strategically, leasing provides you with a mechanism to manage the lifecycle of your furniture and fit out assets, across your whole estate, avoiding large capital investments.

100% tax deductible solution

5) Tax Efficient

For private sector organisations, leasing provides a highly attractive, fully 100% tax deductible solution. Those that are subject to higher tax rates have even more to save.

We partner with an award-winning team of service-focused finance professionals to offer you the best deal. Speak to one of our team members today to discuss how leasing your next project could open up new opportunities for you!

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